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Dating someone with prosthetic leg

One-Legged Model Becomes Catwalk Star

Who wouldn't want to date someone who is part robot? Some of his friends would say he is “brave” for dating me, an amputee. I never g Would you date someone with a physical disability assuming you had other options? If a person is a double leg amputee, can they walk on two prosthesis? Loving someone with a disability gives a whole new world perspective. Putting the chair in the car, putting legs on, accessible parking, ramps, I have become pretty close with my girlfriend's prosthetic doctor and physical. Just in case you're going on your first date with someone who has an my date kneeling beside me, flicking the socket of my prosthetic leg and. If he was handsome and nice, I'd date him even if he had a prosthetic be dating or married to someone who'd need a prosthetic, the future is.

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