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Why does dating scare me

Why am I so Afraid to Date & Be in a Relationship?

3 Words For Those Who Have A Fear Of Dating After Divorce

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Will he like me? What do I say? What if I say too much? What if I spill my drink? Get rejected? – dating often is seen as overwhelmingly scary. On the other hand the guy I was previously “dating” told me that we we created then why are we so scared of what it could potentially mean? He says "date someone who scares you. Because her scaring the hell out of me was my ticket to a positive transformation that I never could have anticipated. Sarmassophobia is defined as the fear of dating and relationships. If someone's been sexually active and had a scare, or if they assume that. The core concerns are about the answers to the questions "Are they going to be good for me?", and "Am I 'good enough' for them to love me?

Why does dating scare me